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Secure Usage Guidelines and Your responsibilities

Database Usage

We thank you for using Jobseasy.in. As you are aware, the usage of our services is governed by a set of Terms and Conditions. For uninterrupted services, a superior user experience, and maintaining data security, it is important that you adhere to the Terms & Conditions.

For your convenience, we would like to emphasize upon some of the prohibited uses of Jobseasy.

Sharing of Jobseasy account with other Individuals/Employers/Placement Agencies
  • Sharing your Jobseasy account login and password details with any individual outside your own recruitment team will be treated as a violation of our Terms & Conditions. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and passwords.
  • You shall be responsible for all uses, authorized or unauthorized, of your Jobseasy account and passwords. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or password, you agree to immediately notify Jobseasy.

Posting of Jobs

The Job Posting facilitates the Jobseekers with the first glimpse of the Organization, and the job, that s/he wishes to apply to. A job posting that provides the relevant information on the Job Description, the location, the salary, and Candidate Profile will make a significant impact on the quantity and quality of the response to you.
  • Share as much information with the candidate so that s/he develops a fair expectation of the job profile and the organization
  • Target a specific experience range of jobseekers to generate the best quality of responses
  • The most important sections in a job posting are Job Details and Candidate Profile.
    Please ensure the following measures:
    • Job Details
      • We advise you against putting exclamation marks (!!!) in the Designation/Position of your job posting. They are perceived as a non-serious posts by jobseekers.
      • Job Descriptions should clearly explain the Key Result Areas - what the individual is expected to be deliver and will be assessed upon; Provide details of Roles and Responsibilities; and the Reporting structure
      • Ensure proper classification of Functional Area/Role of the Job and Industry of the Organisation
      • Use keywords that are specific to your job. Do not use too many and/or too generic keywords. We recommend no more than 5-10 keywords.
    • Candidate Profile
      • List relevant Work Experience Range and Educational Qualifications that you require. The wiser you are in selecting the Work Experience and Education, the more relevant would your responses be.
    • Do not spam jobs, or post the same job more than once.

Jobseasy.in reserves the right to delete jobs that are posted repeatedly, and/or contain inappropriate content, and/or contain irrelevant keywords. You are encouraged to comply with the Job Posting guidelines mentioned above.

To know more about the Terms & Conditions of usage, visit the link http://jobseasy.in on our site. If you have any feedback and / or comments regarding the Jobseasy Terms & Conditions, please contact us at contact@jobseasy.in.